Witch hazel Extract

  • Witch hazel Extract

Witch hazel Extract

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Introduction :

Witch Hazel, an ornamental shrub that grows 6 to 30 feet (1.8 to 9 m) in height. "Witch" comes from the Old English word "wych," used to describe a plant whose branches bend easily; "hazel" refers to the flowers, which are dull yellow or golden-yellow. Some varieties have orange or red flowers. Depending on the species, the flowers appear in autumn, winter, or early spring; they are particularly resistant to cold weather. The leaves are oval and have toothed edges.


Main function:

1.Hamamelis Virginiana extract used to treat swellings, external inflammations, and tumors.

2.Hamamelis Virginiana is therapeutic to treat skin injuries, local inflammation of skin and

mucous membranes, hemorrhoids, for varicose veins (painful and heavy legs), in case of venous

insufficiency, for bruises, sprains, and relief of neurodermatitis atopic symptoms.

3.Hamamelis Virginiana extract used in comestics like toner and skin perfecting lotion

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