Songaria Cynomorium Herb Extract

  • Songaria Cynomorium Herb Extract

Songaria Cynomorium Herb Extract

  • 1.Delivery time : 7-12 days after receiving the deposit payment
  • 2.40% deposit by T/T(wire transfer), the balance against the copy of B/L.
  • 3.Quality guarantee term is for one year.

Main Function:

1. Enhance the immune system and promote body’s immunity.

2.Clears up the free radical and has anti-aging functions; meanwhile it can prevent arteriosclerosis.

3. Function to glucocorticoid to adjust it to the needs of body.

4. Relax the bowels and promote digestion.

5. Impact on genital system to strengthen the activity of sperm, so it is a good cure for male sterility.

6. Anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor functions with exist of oleic acid and hexadecanoiccid in it.

7. Prevent gastric ulcer, inhibit gathering of blood platelet and is effective to AIDS.

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