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Scorpion Extract

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Main function:

1.A compound found in scorpion venom has inhibited bone loss in an animal model of advanced periodontal disease.

Effect on CNS:

(1) anti-convulsion:quan xie powder or its decoction possesses anti-convulsion effect on mice. Intra venous injection of 0.28mg/kg with pure polypeptide separated from the scorpion (quan xie) katsutoxin, can inhibit the convulsion effect of mice caused by caffeine.

(2) ani-epilepsy katsutoxin and anti-epilepsy peptide can both prolong the hibernation period of epilepsy caused by Cephalosporins, compared to control group. The flare up is less intense, and the period is shorter. The anti-epilepsy peptide effect is strong, dosage is small and toxicity is low.

(3) Analgesic effect: the tail of xie (scorpion) is 5 times stronger than the body of xie (scorpion). 2.Katsutoxin possesses a strong analgesic effect of different type of pain.

2.Effect on circulatory system: after injecting 50μg/0.1ml of katsutoxin, the quinea pigs' cardiac muscles showed stronger contraction strength and slowed down the heart rate. Katsutoxin can improve papilla muscles of rabbits and cause contraction of the aorta and this may caused by activating the Ca2+ pathway, increasing the the permeability of Ca2+.

3.Effect of anti thrombosis

4.Effect of anti-tumor

5.Xie (scorpion) possesses the immune system adjustmen in both directions. It can maintain the balance of human immune system.

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