Rosemary extract benefits

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Rosemary extract benefits

Because of its’ strong antioxidant properties, heat resistance, good stability, anti-aging, high and broad spectrum efficacy, rosemary extract has a great potential for development in food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and health care products. So, what is the role of rosemary extract? Naturalin professional team is introducing it to you all:

Rosemary extract in the food field

Rosemary itself is a historic spice plants, due to smell fragrant, it can be used throughout the plant xylem outer or leaves, dried quickly after harvest, milling, and then added to food when cooking by a certain percentage.

Rosemary extract used in the fields of medicine, health care products

In medicine, the antioxidant properties of rosemary extract can also avoid oxidative DNA damage, reduce the incidence of cancer. And suitable for variety of complementary therapies in patients with liver disease.

Rosemary extract in the field of cosmetics

Rosemary extract natural, non-toxic, anti-oxidant effect is much higher than the existing VC, VE, polyphenols and other natural antioxidants. It’s 2 to 4 times than synthetic antioxidants like BHA, BHT. And its’ structural stability make rosemary extract can withstand 190 ℃ to 240 ℃ temperature, completely overcome pyrolysis fatal weakness of the VC, polyphenols and other natural antioxidants. So it is more efficient, broad-spectrum and with unique advantages compared with other similar products.

Due to its superior antioxidant properties as well as natural, non-toxic side effects on the human body and other advantages, rosemary extract is getting more and more important on this advocating green today. It has been widely used in skin care products, shampoo, perfume long before.

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