Red sweet potato color pigment

  • Red sweet potato color pigment

Red sweet potato color pigment

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Purple sweet potato is extracted from Ipomoea batatas root and stem immersed proposed a natural pigment, anthocyanin substances belonging by anthocyanins and sugar glycosylation reaction occurs . it is bright color natural , non-toxic , has anti-mutagenic , anti-oxidation , relieve liver dysfunction , anti-high blood sugar and other nutritional , pharmacological and health care functions , is an ideal natural food coloring resources .



Purple Sweet Potato Color can be widely used in instant rice & flour products, soda pop, fruit-flavoured beverages,beverages of fruit and vegetable juice(pulp),decorative fruits and vegetables,frozen drinks(edible ice excluded),candy,topping,preserved fruits,jelly,canned fruits,canned vegetables,canned eight precious porridges,imitation wine.

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