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Product Name

Paprika Red

Botanical Source

Capsicum annuum Linn


Dark Red Crystal Powder Or Oily Liquid

Color Value


Mol Formular


Mol Weight


Main Function

Fat Burning , Cancer Prevention , Analgesia And Dispel Dampness

Main Application

Main apply in food , pharmaceutical and health care product field etc.

Paprika oleoresin is as raw material, the use of scientific methods of extraction, separation, refining natural pigment. The main ingredients for capsanthin and pepper Yuhong Su, dark red oil-soluble liquid, bright color
strong coloring power, light, heat, acid, alkali metal ions and is not affected; soluble in oil and ethanol, also through special processing is made water soluble or dispersible pigment. The product is rich in β- carotene
and vitamin C, with health care function. Main used in various types of food and medicine coloring aquatic products, meat, pastry, salad, canned food, beverages, etc.

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