Oleanolic Acid

  • Oleanolic Acid

Oleanolic Acid

  • 1.Delivery time : 7-12 days after receiving the deposit payment
  • 2.40% deposit by T/T(wire transfer), the balance against the copy of B/L.
  • 3.Quality guarantee term is for one year.

Main Function:

Oleanolic acid mainly with protecting liver, drop enzymes, liver cell regeneration, anti-inflammatory, strong heart, diuresis, antitumor, still have fall blood sugar, blood fat, calm, is the development of the liver and blood sugar etc active ingredients.

1. Reducing liver damage

2. Reducing blood GPT

3.Reducing serum r-globin

4. Boost the regeneration of hepatic cell

5. Inhibit the hyperplasia of liver fiber

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