Maize yellow pigment

  • Maize yellow pigment

Maize yellow pigment

  • 1.Delivery time : 7-12 days after receiving the deposit payment
  • 2.40% deposit by T/T(wire transfer), the balance against the copy of B/L.
  • 3.Quality guarantee term is for one year.


1.It is fit for natural edibile red pigment and acid food;

2.It is fit for dying or complementary color of lipstick, shampoo, rouge in cosmetics industry;

3.It can take place of chemosynthetic pigment and produce colourful drugs in drugs industry.


Main function:

1.Good coloration effect on eggs and fish products.

2.Disease-resistant product.

3.High protein.

4.-No Melamine and Plasticizer.

5.-By-product of high quality corn starch.

6.-Excellent products in livestock raising and fodder industry

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