• Lumbrukinase


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Lumbrukinase extracted from earthworm alimentary canal.Lumbrukinasehas the functions of hydrolyzing fibrin directly as well as indirectly by activating plasminogen into plasmin.

The product has evident anti-thrombus and thrombolytic effects. Lumbrokinase in the medical profession is known as the King of thrombolytic therapy, extraction in the earthworm. Apply to affected area after the rapid infiltration of silt to dissolve the clot resistance to vascular flow,varicose veins falling gradually.


Main Function:

1.treating and preventing cerebral thrombus;

2.Treating miocardial infarction;

3.Preventing high blood viscosity;

4.Treating angina pectoris, cerebral infarction, diabetes, nephrotic syndrome, pulmonary heart disease and deep vein thrombosis;

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