Herba Menthae Heplocalycis

  • Herba Menthae Heplocalycis

Herba Menthae Heplocalycis

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  • 3.Quality guarantee term is for one year.

Introduction :

Herba Menthae Heplocalycis is an excellent carminative, having a relaxing effect on the muscles of the digestive system, combats flatulence, and stimulates bile & digestive juice flow. The volatile oil in Peppermint acts as a mild anesthetic to the stomach wall, which allays feelings of nausea and the desire to vomit.


Main function:

1.Expel wind-heat – fever, headache, cough

2.Clears head and eyes- aids throat, sore throat, red eyes, headache

3.Clears rashes – early stage to accelerates rash at early stage

4.Liver Qi stagnation – emotional, gynaecological disorders

5.Used for is used for diarrhea and painful menstruation. It is also used as an astringent and stimulant.



1.Applied in food field, often used as additives, with distinct fragrance smell, menthol can promote digestion and increase appetite;

2.Applied in daily necessities field, menthol can be added into a large amount of oral cleaning products, such as dentifrices, mouthwash and tooth powder;

3. Applied in pharmaceutical field, because menthol has the function of inhibition and paralysis to sensory nerve endings, it can be used as counter irritant.

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