Gardenia yellow pigment

  • Gardenia yellow pigment

Gardenia yellow pigment

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Product Name

Gardenia Yellow

Botanical Source

Gardenia jasminoifrs Ellis

Main Ingredient

Crocin And Crocetin

Color Value

E60-550 (1%, 1cm, 440+/-5nm)



Mol Formular


Mol Weight


Main Function

Food Additives

Main Application

Food , cosmetics and  medicine manufacturing fields

Gardenia yellow is a kind of pure natural water soluble food colorant , it’s extracted from the Gardenia fruit , which mainly contain of crocin and crocetin. And it is inherent fragrance, strong color, light and heat good resistance at PH 3.0-8.0. It’s widely used in food colorant .




1.Main ingredient of gardenia yellow: Crocin and Croctin Acid

2.Good stability and strong color given, color is barely affected by PH, and it’s steadier than beta-carotene in either PH3-11.

3.The color is not affected by metal ions except Fe, it becomes black when met Fe.

4.Good dyeing ability for hydrophilic food (proteins, starch etc).

5.Good resistance to reduction and microorganism

6.Vitamin supplementation: The main ingredients of gardenia yellow is Crocin and Croctin Acid, it’s a rare water-soluble carotenoid, it can be easily absorbed by human body, and turns into vitamin A in the body.



Gardenia Yellow can be widely used in neutral or faintly alkalic foods, such as noodles, cereal products, cocoa products, chocolates, cakes, jelly, puffed food, canned nuts & seeds, fried nuts and seeds, salted vegetable, biscuit, cooked meat, seasonings ,frozen drinks and solid beverages.

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