Flaxseed oil

  •  Flaxseed oil

 Flaxseed oil

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Production description:

The seeds from flax create vegetable oil called flaxseed oil (also known as linseed oil). Flaxseed oil is one of the oldest oils and has been used for centuries. The flax seeds are edible, and is one of the most concentrated plant sources for omega 3 fats, and the use as a healthy nutritional supplement is rising.


Main Function:

1.Flaxseed Oil used to lose weight. Can burn surplus fat of Body;

2.Flaxseed Oilwill reduce allergic reaction, reduce asthma, improve arthritis;

3.Flaxseed Oil with the function of improving female menstrual period syndrome;

4.Flaxseed Oil can reduce the bad influence of hazardous chemicals produced when under pressure,

control Stress, reduce depression and insomnia;

5.Flaxseed Oil improve skin fat content, moisten the skin smooth, soft and flexible, make the skin breath and sweat to normal, to mitigate various skin problems.

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