Donkey-hide Glue Powder

  • Donkey-hide Glue Powder

Donkey-hide Glue Powder

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Introduction :

Ejiao(donkey-hide gelatin) is a traditional kind of glue made from donkey rawhide, it's main component is protein.It is mainly used in traditional Chinese medicine, according to which Ejiao improves blood supply, especially for women.

Gelatin is called the blood's Preserver and Solid generation of plasma, which is used to enrich blood,stop blood and nourishing Yin and moistening dryness. It is a kind of strong tonic and effective medicine to cure blood disease and gynaecopathia.


Main function:

1.Improve the physique, provide energy,suitable for different kinds of people.

2.Tumor suppression

3.Gelatin contains rich calcium, through the role of glycine, promote the absorption of calcium and storage, improve calcium balance inside body, can prevent and treat osteoporosis, so is the ideal supplement in the elderly care.

4.Gelatin through blood and moisturize the skin, good for skin care. Long-term use can make skin delicate, luster.

5.Nourishing blood,especially good for Pregnant Women.

6.Immunity enhancement

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