• Diacerein


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Diacerein appears to yellow needle-like crystallites when the solvent is methanol, and was brown-yellow needle-like crystallites in acetone.Diacerein's melting point is 237-238°C,boiling point is 631.5°C at 760 mmHg,flash point is 231.8°C. Diacerein's density is 1.491g/cm3. Diacerein can easily dissolve in dimethyl sulfoxide, dimethyl acetamide, but can't dissolve in water, methanol and chloroform.


Main Function:

1)Diacerein has the role of delaying the deterioration processes of osteoarthritis.

2)Diacerein can exert effects of anti-inflammatory and anti-febrile by combining with oxygen free radical and

 inactivating it.

3)Diacerein could form water-soluble chelating(EGTA and EDTA-Cu) of resisting rheumatism with calcium and copperions.

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