Carrot Powder

  • Carrot Powder

Carrot Powder

  • 1.Delivery time : 7-12 days after receiving the deposit payment
  • 2.40% deposit by T/T(wire transfer), the balance against the copy of B/L.
  • 3.Quality guarantee term is for one year.

Main function :

1. Help to keep the lubrication and transparency of cornea, promote the health of the eyes.

2. It is one of the most effective antioxidants against free radicals.

3. Strengthen the immune system, strengthen the resistance.

4. Cataracts, help protect eyes crystal fiber section.

5. Prevention of cardiovascular disease.

6. Converted into vitamin A to help keep skin and mucous membrane of the organs within thecavity system normalization.

7.Coloring agents, Nutrition Enhancer.

Application :

1.Applied in health food beverage & supplement,food Additive.

2.Applied in health care products.

3.Applied in medical purpose.

4.Applied in cosmetics.

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