• Amylase


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Yellow-Brown( White)Powder/ Brown liquid


Slight Fermentation Odor

Enzyme Activity

2000 u/g~10,000 u/g, 2000 u/ml~ 5000u/ml

Particle Size (Powder Type)   

≥80% pass 40 mesh sieve

Loss on Drying


Volume Weight(Liquid Type)

≤1.20 g/ml




Production info:

Amylase Powder is made from Bacillus subtilis,through fermentation and extraction method.

This product can hydrolyze starch into dextrin of different length and other low molecular sugar,glucose,and altose,decrease the viscosity of starch paste.

Activity Temperature:Stable below 60°C,favorable 60-70°C.

PH:5.8-7.0,optimum 6.0.

Metal ion influence on enzyme activity: Calcium ions, 50-70ppm,activation.


Main Function:

1.Beer production

Size mixing in the mash copper,then add Low Temperature α-Amylase,about 0.6U per g raw material,liquefy 30min at 85-90℃.

2.Food industry

Solve the question of starch degradation in food raw material.

Recommended dosage:2-12U per g raw material,or according to the raw material situation or experiment.

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